Affiliate Marketing eBooks

We received a few emails here from newbies starting out in affiliate marketing, asking us if buying an Affiliate Marketing eBook would be a wise investment. Here is how we here at Trusted Affiliate Marketer look at Affiliate Marketing eBooks. You can probably find a lot of informative affiliate marketing articles online by doing google or other search engine based searches. You can join Warrior... Read More Domain for Sale

Many predict that the .co domain is going to take off more than any other adopted domain extension since it conveys a company / corporate image and is one less letter to type or text than the ubiquitous .com . Are you in the business of micro niche marketing? conveys the image that you need to be even more successful. The domain name is already taken and developed as... Read More

Clickbank Marketing

Many affiliate marketers promote Clickbank programs. Clickbank programs are typically informational, educational products in eBook or other media formats or subscription based media. How do Clickbank marketing affiliates decide which program to promote? Affiliates do their research. There is sales data reported through Clickbank for affiliates to review before deciding to invest time or even... Read More

Microniche Marketing

Microniche marketing is the buzz these days in affiliate marketing. Instead of broad niche marketing with a lot of competition and hoping that your site(s) will prevail on Google and in social media, internet market gurus are aiming for smaller niches. These smaller niches a/k/a microniches are easier to exploit as far as reduced competition. However, in microniche marketing, there will be less... Read More

Free Web 2.0 Marketing

Many affiliate marketers are ultra savvy about using free Web 2.0 Marketing instead of paying for PPC campaigns or banner ad campaigns to promote their affiliate marketing efforts. Free web 2.0 media include: Twitter, Facebook fan pages, free blogging platforms such as Hubpages, Blogger, Tumblr and Squidoo and blogs or websites where free content is welcomed

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Affiliate Marketing for College Students

Affiliate Marketing for College Students is something to think about. Are you a college student? Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could do some sort of work that you like and enjoy that helps pay your bills, instead of doing some lame job? While you could hop from job to job trying to find something you like

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Affiliate Marketing – Incentive Websites

Whether you’ve been in the affiliate marketing industry for several years or if you’re just starting out, you may want to do some research on the popular sector called ‘incentivized websites’ or Affiliate Marketing – Incentive Websites. An incentivized website is a site that offers cash

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